CCTV Hire Prices

Job site CCTV tower, security surveillance system hire prices:

  • $425+gst
  • Transports, set up, and remove; including 4-meter pole and weight base set up / removal. Solar power and CCTV system set up, connection, configuration, application installation, and use instruction.
  • $75+gst
  • weekly rent

CCTV tower for hire on job sites:

1 x 4mp vandal-proof turret camera
+ 1 x 80ah solar charging battery
+ 2 x 250w high-capacity solar panel
+ 1 x system box
+ 1 x 5400LM LED light
+ 1 x Strobe light
+ 1 x 3.9m high 3mm galvanized tube pole
+ 1 x scaffolding tube made a base tower with 27kg temporary fence bases, weights 27 x 8216kg.