10 Good Questions To Ask About Home CCTV Installation

I am looking to have a CCTV camera system installed at my home, about 4 cameras and saw your website. You seem to offer a good option which is cheaper than some others I have looked at. I have a few questions that I would like answered.

1. Can you explain further why you connect Ethernet over power lines, is this something others do? why do you prefer to do this and what advantages / disadvantages does it hold.
2. Is you electrical work certified, and if so do we get some sort of proof of work through paperwork such as certificate of work etc.
3. You provide a 1 year hardware warranty, do you provide warranty for workmanship?
4. Have you done any other CCTV works for homes and if so is it possible to get a reference or have you done any installs for other companies.
5. Can you explain why you think IP cameras represent the future over Analog.
6. Can your installed system be upgraded in the future such as putting new cameras in or supporting a new security CCTV system? would there be issues such as not being able to do Analog etc.
7. We prefer Dome cameras, would it be possible to upgrade to Vandal Resistant cameras?
8. We have a home computer which is connected to wireless and is touchscreen, can we download the app also to this computer for surveillance.
9. Payment, do we pay after you have installed the system and it is tested. I would prefer to pay via internet banking through my business account.
10. What is your availability to install if we go ahead, for example: are you fully committed for a while and would not be able to do the install until a while later.

If all good then I would also like to get a couple of 42\” TV screens mounted on the wall along with a satellite box installed to the wall also.

These are all good questions, give me a few days once I’m free from daily routine so I can better explain all these details.

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