2.8mm Len IP Camera

This 2.8mm len IP camera is the widest angle we can offer for home security camera installation in Auckland. It cost 30% more than the 4mm and 6mm lens. The angle is 96′ but the actual effective coverage is probably 90 degrees. It is still half of human eyes’ 180′ range, and it’s fixed. It will not cover any thing beyond this angle. To install it on one side way, it covers only have of the rang, you need two of them to cover the whole side.


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    HI I am DINESH recently I completed my graduation in Information technology specially in networking field from Auckland but now I am planning to do CCTV installer course can you please help me to find some cctv related job where I can learn the work like a trainee I can work for free also because I need to learn the wotk.Please help me I am totally confuse

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