4 Channel NVR Network Video Recorder For IP Cameras

The basic DVR or NVR is 4 channels minimum.  IP camera alone does not require an NVR to be connected to Internet from where you can check live video anywhere with an internet connection, video recording can be based on cloud technology. In this case the system depends totally on your internet connection. If there’s an internet connection problem, you are going to fail to record video. To achieve high stability, you need a digital video record together with ip cameras. A hard disk need to be attached to DVR to record video.

Video movement detection function enables you to save most of the hard disk storage for case recording, which means the DVR only records those parts that there are moving objectives in the camera. The recording can be set to be 30 seconds before the moving object enters the camera, saving from the DVR memories to hard disk.

This is a regular 2 channel DVR specifications.

4CH H 264 Network HD Video Recorder
IP Camera Input:4CH 1080P(1920×1080)
Video Output:1CH VGA,1CH HDMI
Playback Resolution:1CH 1080P
With 1PC RJ45 Ethernet port
Support Remote View by Internet Explorer,CMS,Smart mobile Phone

Auckland CCTV security cameras are more likely to be installed in commercial properties. We are more specialized in residential cctv installations in Auckland city and suburbs.  The camera can be installed under eave, cabling in attic, DVR or NVR in wardrobe, internet connection by Internet Over Powerline devices Netgear products only.

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