5 Locations to Install CCTV Security Cameras New Zealand

When it comes to your family’s security, you can never afford to commit a mistake. Thus, it becomes more important to understand and determine the vulnerable spots on your property to avoid intrusion of burglars. If we particularly talk about New Zealand, the majority of the population is well-aware of the benefits of CCTV cameras. Hence, before installing indoor/outdoor CCTV Security Cameras New Zealand, the residents there, make sure to identify any hidden entrance that may appeal to the burglars. Further, they see to it that the following vulnerable locations are kept under surveillance:-

Front Door

Almost 34% of the burglars enter homes through the front door. Make sure to enclose your front door camera in a mesh wiring. This would protect the camera from errant rocks, weapons or sticks.

Back Door

Reports say that the home owners must install security cameras at the back door, as 22% of the burglars have a tendency to enter through the back door. Arm each entry door of your with a CCTV camera. Remember to install the camera at a place that is out of the reach of human hands, rocks or sticks.

Backyard or Side Gate

Make sure that you arm your backyard with security cameras that possess motion-detective video recording features. Crooks generally enter into a house through side gates and backyards, thus night vision surveillance cameras are a ‘must’ to safeguard your home and belongings. In case, your backyard is fenced, see to it that your camera provides a clear view of the entrance gate. You can also install a second camera, if found necessary.

Off-Street Windows

The Burglars often enter into a home by breaking a rear window. A window that is not in the direct view of the street, usually appeals the burglars, as it decreases the chances of being caught. Thus, it is necessary to install security cameras around the windows.

Basement Stairs

Many basements have access windows or doors that are large enough to crawl through. Most of the motion-detector CCTV Security Cameras New Zealand are demanded to be installed in the basements, as they are highly vulnerable intrusion spot. Hence, to avoid intrusion through basement, place a camera on the stairs that leads to your home. This would record all the activities going-on in your basement and keep your family safe and sound.

Prevent unwanted intrusion into your home by systematically getting the security cameras installed at high-risk areas. These areas may differ as per the infrastructure of your home. So, make sure to analyze those risky locations and get the cameras installed accordingly.

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