Analog Camera Set Installation Auckland

When we were talking about IP camera or analog cameras, it’s more about two different ways to transfer video signal from camera to video recorder, from the user’s perspective, there are no difference at all. Either way, you are able to record, to check live video from smart phones, tablet and computer anywhere in the world. Both system are internet connected, both requires extra hard disk for recording, both have motion detection for recording when some thing moving enter the camera scope.

This is a regular camera and digital recorder:


This is how it is connected to digital video recorder.

The analog camera requires RG59 cable and BNC type connectors to transfer video signal. Extra 12DC power supply is required by each camera.


After properly installation, and digital recorder connected to internet, we will install software and applications to your computer, smart phones, tablets. The software are for Windows system, applications are for iOS Apple and open Android systems.

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