CCTV Installer Needed

We are looking for professional CCTV installers with certificates to work in Auckland wide, residential and commercial installation jobs.

You need to:

  • drive your own work vehicle, fully equipped with installation gears. We provide NVR, POE, CAT6 cable, RJ45 connectors, powerline internet devices, hard disk, IP cameras 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 4mm and 6mm, white, dome and bullet styles.
  • be flexible in terms of working time. Residential works might require weekend,  commercial works might require evening works after commercial hours.
  • can work longer terms, not after short term cash extra incomes.

We pay according to jobs completed. Percentage negotiable.

Please email your interests and resume to
Please do not call to discuss at the moment. We will be in touch if we are interested in your profile.

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