Common Disagreement With CCTV System Between Installer And Customer

1. Camera Coverage Distance, Angle and Area:

Please check these lens, distance and angle specifications and do your own calculation before plan a CCTV system for you home. We do not guarantee the cameras cover the area that you believe they should be, camera angles and distance are fixed by international specification in this industry. Consider more cameras and increase your budget if you want more areas covered. Each type of camera only covers a certain fixed area.

2. Video Quality

Our IP cameras are all 720P for 4mm and 6mm dome or bullet style, 3MP; 1080p for 2.8mm dome camera, 2MP. Check the relationship of 1080P / 720P, and mega-pixels.

3. Android and iOS applications:

Our package including freely downloaded vMeyeCloud for Android and vMeyeCloud Lite for iOS; We do not serve free app for Symbian system. If you are not happy for these free apps, you can download and play with any paid or free apps, as long as you know how to set up them. Our NVR supports cloud technology, most of the apps requires IP address or NVR serial number. You need to spend some time learning these related information and practices. Our quotation only covers hardware and installation cabling work.

4. Internet connection speed:

We offer free online portal for live video check website You can register your own account there. We give you the NVR serial number onsite in installation work.

5. Recording Practice and Hard Disk

After the first time recording setup on site, you are supposes to learn how to change settings by yourself. Recording time depends on many factors: 1. hard disk storage size; 2. video format; 3, recording time set up; 4. camera numbers; 5. camera specifications; 6. your internet service provider; 7. internet traffic and speed changes in different time over a day. Why this happens? Please contact your internet service provider to find out reasons, more likely you get no satisfied answers. I’m not happy with my internet speed from 7pm-11pm daily, what should I do?

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