Before contacting us for a quotation and installation, we assume that you read the following articles and understand how a CCTV security camera system works.

1. CCTV Camera Lens, Distance, Angles And Coverages
2. Free vMeyeCloud & vMeyeCloud Lite Applicaiton
3. 2.8mm, 4mm, 6mm Lens IP Cameras Only
4. Common Disgreement With CCTV System Between Installer And Customer

Technician Qualifications:

Technician Yong Cheng: New Zealand Practicing License for: Registered Electrical Appliance Service person EAS263425
Technician Sam (Samiuela Teulilo): check Sam’s background. Sam is applying for PSPLA Certificate of Approval at the moment. He has diploma degree in computer science and technical background + field experiences.

Installation Technicians Service Coverages

  • 11/8 Moselle Ave, Henderson
  • 14/77 Porana Rd, Hillcrest
  • 44C Andromeda Crescent, East Tamaki
  • 38 Whiting Grove, West Harbour
  • 53 Nixon Road, Taupaki
  • 9 Galaxy Drive, Mairangi Bay

Email and messaging are more preferred. Job Opportunities: Auckland CCTV Installers Wanted. Contact us by email first please.

Auckland Security Cameras CCTV Installers


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  1. Reply


    I am looking to get a quote for cameras and installation at our workshop.

    A am unsure on the number i will need at this stage.

    Would someone be able to come out and give us a quote if this is something you can help with?


    Tarique Addis

  2. Lorraine


    Do you do modifications to existing CCTV for example move wiring and recorder and tune in one camera so is a little clear at night. Supply a monitor for the recorder as at the moment I can see it via my computer.

    • admin


      yes we do repair and system configuration works, actually it could be 50% of our works are configurations, maintenance and system updates.

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