Glenfield Motor Shop CCTV Security Cameras Installation

5 cameras are installed to cover all workshop spaces in and out. The first one is to shoot drive way to back parking area, 6mm camera to cover cars in and out, with clear car plates covered.


Second camera to cover the whole car park, 6mm longer range coverage


Third one to cover work space


The fourth camera to cover a work station.


The fifth takes care of people in and out.


5 IP cameras for different area: 1 for entrance, 2 for back yard driveway in and out, 3 for work area, 4 for back yard car park, 5 for drive in repair and maintenance area. Power supply to POE is a new power point installed by electrician on small office ceiling. POE will be saved there, all camera CAT6 cables are going there. NVR will be placed in office, a second hand small flat TV as display for 5 cameras for work time live monitoring.

We have a standard 9 months hardware and installation warranty. NVR, POE and hard disks are working all the time, so the warranty time can not be as long as years, especially the hard disk. We use WD surveillence professional purple hard disk 2T. Default recording time is 3 weeks. 2T disk is good for 5 cameras 24/7 recording longer than 3 weeks.

How long can you record video? It depends on NVR recording setting. Like an digital camera, the numbers of photos could possibly be saved depends pretty much on photo resolution set up. The IP cameras are 1MP, but the NVR is H.264. To have an general idea, it could be about 3 weeks for 4 camers recording for a 2T WD disk.


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