How Powerline Internet Works For POE To Router In CCTV Installation

While when you are considering installing security camera cctv system to your house, you must be wondering how all the cabling are arranged. The camera wires can be all hidden in attic. There’s only one connection not easy for traditional connections, which is from POE switch box to your router. We use powerline internet connection devices. You just consider it done without any extra cabling. We always have power supply beside the internet router.

This diagram shows how it works. It requires at least one pair as two, third point for three and more.


This is Netcomm: powerline internet adapter with AC pass through. The AC pass through feature saves one socket for you like a overlap.





In installation, our certificated master electrician subcontractor with install a double power point in your attic. One socket for powerline internet adaptor, the other for POE switch DC supply adaptor. While when we use NetComm internet adaptor, one single power point will do. We alsway install double sockets leaving the other for future any possibilities.

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