Infra-Red Eyeball Dome Cameras

Infra-Red Eyeball Dome Cameras: IR Eyeball Domes are similar in shape to general Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras, and provide the same advantages.

Eyeball: This description stems from the obvious eye-apple in a socket design – The camera electronics, module and lens are all enclosed in a ball shaped housing, which is embedded in a ‘socket’ type mounting base. The camera can be adjusted vertically, horizontally as well as diagonally prior to locking the threaded lock-ring onto the base.

IR Infra Red: Eyeball Domes come with integrated Infra Red LED’s and therefore do not require any existing lighting, nor an additional light source. An illumination sensor will activate the IR Module when a certain usable illumination threshold is undercut.


  • Smaller than housed body cameras and therefore more discrete. Built in night-vision (usually from around 15 to 35 meters).
  • Usually even more affordable than other outdoor dome cameras.
  • Lower cost and faster installation than Housed Body Cameras, as the product comes as all in one solution.


  • Optics and general manufacturing quality often slightly inferior to other outdoor dome cameras.
  • May have to be subject to maintenance (re-focussing) more frequently.
  • Its discrete design obviously rules out a very high deterrent effect.

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