Major Types of Homes CCTV Security Cameras

As security installations have become more prevalent for surveillance purposes, therefore it is vital to select the appropriate camera for the right application. Thus, before you choose any type of indoor or outdoor Homes CCTV Security Cameras, make sure that you possess comprehensive knowledge regarding the variety of security camera types available in the market.

You can Use the following as a reference guide on the features of the popular security cameras that are prevalent in the market:-

Bullet Camera

A bullet camera is a wall-mount unit that is basically designed for indoor use, but in some cases it also serves the purpose of some outdoor applications. The camera is sleek with a thin cylindrical shape. This camera is ideal to capture high resolution images from a fixed area.

Dome Cameras

On account of dome-shaped housing, these cameras are referred to as dome cameras. The housings are designed in such a way that makes the cameras unobtrusive. Dome cameras are available in a wide variety of forms. They can be IP or analogue. They can be easily used for day time and night surveillance purposes.

Infrared/Night Vision Cameras

Infrared Cameras are known to produce high resolution video and images even in the night. The infrared illuminators allow you to see a clear image that even the human eye cannot, in both low/no light. No matter whether you require these cameras for indoor or outdoor applications; these cameras provide a huge advantage to the users on account of their precise functionality in low or no light situations.

IP Cameras

An Internet protocol (IP) camera is the most acclaimed digital video camera employed for surveillance purposes. The major advantage of these qualitative Homes CCTV Security Cameras is that they can send and receive data via Internet or computer network. Further, these cameras can be moved around anywhere on a wireless network.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ basically stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras. These cameras can easily be moved to left or right pan; tilted upwards and downwards as well as the lens can be zoomed closer or farther. These cameras are ideal to cover a wide area with zero concern about poor light conditions.

Make a Wise Decision

The above mentioned cameras are some of the most popular cameras among the masses. These days when the theft activities are all time high, you can’t afford to risk yours’ as well as your family’s life. So choose an appropriate camera that suits your surveillance requirements.

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