Outdoor Dome Camera

Dome Cameras are an efficient alternative to Housed Body Cameras. No additional Outdoor Housing needs to be purchased nor installed, since these models are All-In-One solutions.

Outdoor: This designates that the camera’s housing has been designed and manufactured to protect the camera module, lens and electronics within from the effects of weather, wind, dust and common external temperatures. Prior to purchase we recommend to verify this claim in the camera’s data specification sheet. The spec sheet should state something between IP 55 and IP 67 (higher = better).

Dome Camera: The word Dome refers to the outer design shape type only and expresses no information on the actual functionality of the camera itself. An Outdoor Dome Camera may have the exact same performance attributes as its housed body camera relative. Dome Type therefore only gives us information about the shape of the camera, which of course comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Note: Neither Dome or Housed Body Camera in itself designates whether a camera incorporates colour, day&night, IP or Analogue, IR or not etc…

Outdoor Dome Camera Advantages (Body Camera vs Dome)

Dome cameras due to their static and compact design can be vandal resistant – and we highly recommend the purchasing of dome models that make use of this advantage (!). Outdoor Housed Body Cameras are hardly ever vandal resistant, as this is difficult to achieve with large housings, due to static, design and the flat front glass window.

The Dome Type model mostly consumes less power – as very little unused air-space within the small housing needs to be heated. Often the electronic processes within a dome camera are sufficient in order to maintain operating temperature.

One of the key advantages is the discrete design. Especially in retail and domestic applications, clients are very conscious of obtrusive security cameras. The majority of customers or pedestrians do  not even recognise dome models as actual cameras.

The only plausible reasons for preferring Housed Body Cameras before Outdoor Domes are the requirement for a high deterrent effect  or especially high specification cameras with large optical lenses.

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