Why Antenna Installers Can Do Better CCTV Security Cameras Installation Job

As a business we’ve been doing antenna installations in Auckland for 2 years, focusing on home residential installations in Auckland. We had a shop for one year to import and sell TV signal, electrical and and CCTV security camera installation supplies. This year we decided to close the shop to shift the efforts on installations field works for both TV aerials and security camera. Now the Henderson shop is closing, we have a storage place in Glenfield.

After one year selling supplies to installers in security camera CCTV installation technicians, we believe as a team of three we have advantages in this new business:

1. We are more skilled as cabling jobs.
2. We are more experienced in working at height and handling different ladders and scaffold. Our ute carries 5 types of ladders for different usage.
3. We know attic spaces better than others, attic installation and cable connections are daily to us.
4. We can think out of box, we do not necessarily follow traditional installation methods, we are working on simple, stable, faster installations. One reason CCTV installations are still quite expensive to residencial market is that the cost is kind of high to average home. We believe every home deserves a cheaper solutions for simultaneous surveillance for security reasons.

There are four things we can change in cctv installation common practices here in Auckland.

1. DVR does not need to be connected to router through CAT6 LAN connection. We use Netgear Powerline AV500 for Ethernet over power lines. This allows the DVR box and hard disk to be installed anywhere.
2. We hired registered electricians to do power points in attic or wardrobe for DVR/NVR, Netgear and POE switch, you do not have to understand these gears, to you it means you probably wont’ see the devices, they could be in your attic, or on top shelf of your wardrobe.
3. Cabling are only CAT6 pure copper type for good video signal transmission and easier installation.
4. Cameras with larger base. For the most common under eave installation, this means one 3cm in diameter hole is good enough for cabling, the hole will be fully covered by the dome or bullet camera bases.

Once the installations can be done quickly, technician labor cost can be much lowered, the total cost will be much lower.

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